13 Oct 2005

starting to post pics

my colleagues returned recently from Portoroz. Since they took lots and lots of pictures, and i have spent hours looking at them, i assumed it's high time i posted some pics myself.

i like the one with the cats a lot, cause i generally hate cats, and i particularly hate black cats.

the next picture proudly introduces laura and cristina, copywriters in my dear fellow creative department.

the funny guy who won the rabbit is our account man, PR man and God-knows-what-else man.

the theatrical, artistical man with an umbrella is the so-called Next'Or, one of our almighty art directors...

speaking of art directors...the upside down guy with the musketeer look is Mihai, the one who used to be my art director (when i was still a copywriter :) ). i still regret going to strategy before we could put into practice our mighty plan - an exchange of roles. i was supposed to be the art director, to work in Paint, refuse all his ideas, obsessively ask for headlines and body copies every five minutes, comment, comment, reject...while he was supposed to turn into the humble copywriter with ideas at my mercy. For a whole week!! damn strategy...

God...and i nearly forgot...the man with the pigeons is of course our creative director, Traian. the best creative director of them all :))))))))))))).

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