11 Oct 2005

creative spaces and advice for beginners in anything

I am trying to rearrange my room and try to make it look like a sort of a bar, with old commercials on the walls, and a combination of metal and bamboo and very little light and all sorts of collection objects i've been, well, collecting over the years (pics will soon be added, not that anybody gives a damn :P). Since it's the first time ever when i'm trying to do this, must mean that i'm trying to get a sort of a creative space for myself.
A short Google search helped me get an insight of other people's creative spaces.
On the other hand, (on my cult blog :D) i found this lovely quote coming from The Confusion by Neal Stephenson: "Pay attention, thats all...Notice things. Connect what you've noticed. Connect it into a picture. Think of how the picture might be changed; and act to change it. Some of your acts may turn out to be foolish, but others will reward you in surprising ways; and in the meantime, simply by being active instead of passive, you have a kind of immunity that's hard to explain."

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