30 Sep 2005

Roman Polanski

After watching "Bitter moon", i also watched "Death and the maiden". Especially since i have been very intrigued by the title for a while. Because i am a great fan of Schubert's piece, with which i came into contact when playing the role of Maddy Rooney in S Beckett's "All that fall". I enjoyed the movie a lot, and the result was a growing interest in Polanski as a director. this is a page that presents a vision on Polanski, which i found useful and pleasant. I particularly liked one quote i found: “I was very hungry, yes. Eager to define my place in the world. And that’s normal, I think. You push hard, because the future seems never-ending, and not to triumph over it would be too terrible to contemplate. All the lines appear parallel, infinite. Only as you get older do you see them start to converge.”
I also have Polanski's Rosemary's baby and Knife in the Water, which i can hardly wait to watch.

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