27 Sep 2005

Poisoned moon

"Bitter Moon" (1992), movie directed by Roman Polanski and based on a book by Pascal Bruckner is a masterpiece in my opinion. I took it as a fascinatingly interesting exploration of the psychological implications of a relationship taken beyond the regular meaning of love. Briefly, the movie goes like: he gets fascinated by her, he looks for her, they meet again, they fall in an obsessive love, they double it with sexual experiments, she would do anything for him, he humiliates her like hell, he makes her lose everything; then she humiliates him, then instead of fucking nigel, she fucks fiona(his wife) and gets killed by him, he kills himself, nigel and fiona live happily ever after. i looked over the user comments on imdb and could't actually understand who would perceive this movie as a comedy or a sick perverted joke. I think it's great, i think it manages to present remarkably the consumption brought by such a strengh in feelings, and i consider brilliant the way it presents the life of each of them, once the passion between them had gone to waste. Each of them is so fully aware of the fact that s/he would never ever meet anybody like that, that s/he would never ever feel the same intensity, share the same sensations. The life of the couple, after he gets in the wheelchair gave me shivers. The only way towards freedom is the death of one or of both. Sad, but true.

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