22 Sep 2005

delicatessen and trivia

i've just watched Delicatessen (1991). It's French, it's in French and i certainly think it's worth seeing. It develops a great atmosphere: the way lights are used, the colours and the music, the development of characters and of situations made me think that this movie could never be American. Such a great difference! or maybe i'm being a little subjective, because i like French (the language) so much, that i make the best of every chance that i've got to enjoy it. it's about a place where strange people trade grain for an unusual type of food: human flesh, which is prepared by and taken from their landlord. when a former clown comes to work in the delicatessen, the butcher wants to hold him work for a while and then feed his tenants with him, but the love between the clown and the butcher's daughter destroys these plans. we also have some funny little men acting as subteran rebels. They reminded me of Woompa-Loompas. and there's also a mad woman trying to kill herself in the most complicated ways possible...Long live Domino! Cause during the entire movie, i had a strong feeling that the script writer enjoys dominoes a lot...

and some trivia. if you type "failure" in google search, the first page it founds is president bush's biography. coincidence?

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