6 Mar 2007

why i have fun online

Gavin, who doesn't just have one of the most inspiring blogs, but who has also gathered an equally lovely community around him, tagged me to post 5 reasons why i blog. And i think he couldn't have found a better time to make me think about this :). So here i go:

1. Community - when i first started blogging, i was a very lonely junior invited by the creative director to switch from copywriting to planning. I had no idea what planning was all about, no idea whom i could ask what planning was all about and so on. Then i discovered Russell's blog and a great deal of things derived from this. I slowly drifted in the lovely planning community. At the beginning i was crazy about reading more and more communication and brands-related posts, i felt like i was getting so many bits of knowledge from so many different great people. Now, it's far more than that - i feel like i have great friends all over the world, friends whose posts inspire me, give me food for thought and brighten my day. Brilliant people who are willing to answer my questions, give me advice and feedback, because they don't mind sharing. It's like in some very nice school. What could be greater than that ? Besides, one way or another, the blog actually helped me meet other Romanian planners.

2. Learning - i see all sorts of things, i read all sorts of things, i make all sorts of connections, and get all sorts of ideas and often forget about them. However, when i write about them, they all add up like in a sketch book - some of them are really stupid, some others are an incoherent pile of inspiration. And that's lovely.

3. Sharing - sometimes i come across stuff i am simply dying to share. I daily come across so much unexpected stuff, that a blog might easily pass for a sort of "travel diary". Even though i have become really really lazy when it comes to posting lately.

4. Playing and experimenting - ok, so i am not a tech girl, but i simply love to play with all sorts of internet toys - and i wouldn't know how to make the most of them, if i didn't use them somehow. The blog is an excellent place to test the many possibilities of adding things to the little sketch book - pictures, videos, recordings, stuff that i'm sure i'd otherwise lose among loads of files and bookmarks.

5. Portrait - the blog shows a glimpse of myself - and that made it easier for people interested in the way i see things to contact me, and it also made it easier for me to introduce myself to people i contacted. Which i think is great, cause that's how i ended up being involved in some wonderful projects or mere conversations.

All in all, i realise that the blog brings so many good things, that i simply have to re-gather all energy and start posting and posting, cause it sure is worth the time :). Thank you, Gavin !

For further motivations, i summon Bogdana, Stefan, Andreea, Ben and Cosmin.


Gavin Heaton said...

I love the "portrait" idea. I think that works for me too ... there is something special about writing that just so happens to reveal something of the author. I think that is what is missing in jargon -- a sense of the real person typing out the words.

Cosmin said...

i'm gonna answer.. soon :)