20 Mar 2007

not tired of sleeping

i've been doing so many things lately, that i go to sleep really tired, i wake up really tired, and actually last night i was so tired, i couldn't even sleep. Which is why all day today i've had this song in my head. Which is anyway slightly better then when i wake up mumbling songs such as "Blue Velvet" or "The man who sold the world". But the good part is that i don't feel exhausted or something, it's a sort of a really exciting and energetic tiredness, if that makes any sense.

In the mean time however, i am trying to finish the huge post about Ben and Kingsley's wonderful visit.


Gavin said...

Most of the time I believe that you have to have good rest to be creative ... but sometimes, just sometimes, you need to be very tired to break through self-censorship and other barriers to find a well of deep insight. That is when being tired becomes exciting.

Sounds like where you are now.

diana said...

yes, i think so, Gavin :). And many ideas come to me, from a weird combination of half-dreaming, half-reality.