26 Mar 2007

great minds think alike, and that's the problem

These days i've realised once again that decisions are really hard to make. But in the end (and these are things i've read in some places, i just don't remember where, as soon as i remember, i'll update with the links), i think it's about being surrounded by more than glass walls and common areas, it's about being surrounded by ideas and intellectual stimuli. It's about not being afraid that things might not work out, but being however happy with the experience, good or bad. I think it's about great challenges, and about generally kicking ass, rather than just trying to be the best. I think it's about taking wrong turns, curious to see where they are taking you. I think it's about teaming up with people you admire, not just teaming up with people you care a great deal about. I think it's about trying to fly higher and faster. I think it's about interestingness. And, most important, about never conforming with mediocrity. It's about collecting stories.

And it's also about believing in my own choices. Cause i know that whatever i do, i'll do it with the huge amount of passion that i always invest in the things i love.


Alex Rosu said...

the links you speak of come from a post that discussed interior design in advertising agencies.. I remember them quite well..

Good luck in whatever you do.

diana said...

nope, they come from different places, and i don't know if there's any in the post you mentioned

Gavin said...

As my friend Katie says, "you can't aspire to mediocrity, darling".

Good luck!

andreea said...

Looking for the up comming stories. I should wish you to have fun and cojones :-)

diana said...

great quote, Gavin :)) - thank you !

And thanks, Andreea - you will be connected to many of my new upcoming stories anyway :)