1 Mar 2007

the truth is out there...

just when i got back all my blogging enthusiasm, Blogger's spam-prevention robots locked my blog. So until some human checks it out and decides i am a human as well and all that, i will only be able to save drafts. Blimey !
ps: now i know how Gavin must have felt when he was experiencing commenting issues.
pps: and yes, this did give me an X-files sort of feeling :)) - actually, maybe not exactly the feeling, but it did make me whistle its theme song.
ppps: now that i think about it, is this evidence that maybe i should have paid a little more attention to "The Secret" experiment Sharon kept on posting about ?


Gavin Heaton said...

Wow ... you have gone a step beyond! One of the only things that eased my commenting frustration (which is STILL happening) was the fact that I could still blog.

I can actually blog via email too, so if I get desperate I can always email my blog and have a post appear. Don't know if Blogger offers something like that?

Looking forward to your new series of drafts!

Gavin said...

OK ... you have been tagged! I want to know 5 reasons that you blog.

Now, I just hope that you can post. If you can't how about you do a guest post on my blog?