21 Aug 2007

the many weird meanings of various terms part 1

whippy choppy (definition(s))

1. an unkown canned food that looks like mashed up chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, jojos, onion rings, and rolls

2. a sex position in which the partners are floating in the air while fucking eachother! - "We're gonna have to have sex in space in order to perform the whippy choppy."

3. a term for idiotic entertainment... if said in an old mans voice while holding a thin stick that sounds somewhat a whip when swung... it's sure to get a laugh and probably cause somebody to piss their pants.

4. a curse word to use when you are taking care of a fake baby with a computer in it's back when it cries.

5. another word for a fucked up hairdo.

6. a kick ass dance move mostly seen at private raves.

7. a sport in which players get in zipped up sleeping bags and beat the shit out of eachother while completely blind!

8. a kick ass sword/whip used in war

9. the type of movie in which you laugh so hard you shit your pants

10. the kind of website that your friends send you a link to and you have no clue what it is... and it ends up being porno

11. an island that looks like a penis

12. a term coughed during work when you are talking about your boss and he's standing right behind your best friend!

13. a term used for a celebrity that is such a poser and is so fucking stupid

14. a type of drug in which you inhale to make you feel like you're having an endless orgasm or can make you feel like you're in a kill bill movie ready to chop everybody's limbs off!"

15. an article of clothing that is worn up the ass crack and over the shoulders..... ???

16. a shitty old beat up car

From the restless ever-inspiring Urban Dictionary.

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