22 Aug 2007

first free and legal music on demand website

i have been using blogmusik daily for a very long time now, which is why it felt really weird today, when i was redirected to deezer.com. Apparently, the name Blogmusik is gone, being replaced by Deezer - the first free and legal music on demand website. According to this and this, this rebranding takes place after blogmusik negotiated some copyrights and stuff. Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya, creators of blogmusik, explain that "While most people surfing the internet consume music freelly and illegally, a way profs and artists are continuosly fighting against, Deezer.com announces the long expected revolution. Thanks to agreements negociated with SACEM, Deezer.com now becomes the only actor offering a free solution for web-surfers, while also paying music actors with the profits obtained through advertising."

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