20 Aug 2007

exciting event

there are very simple things that make me really happy. One of these things is a piece of experimental theater that happens in Sibiu on the 28th of September.

dreamthinkspeak is a theater group that aims to explore the use of space, light, image, film, sound and text as equal ingredients in creating live performance and to explore how the use of different environments can radically alter the relationship of the audience to the work. Which also means that they adapt their performances according to the various locations where they're supposed to act, using and integrating the story of the places where they perform in their show.

They'll come to Sibiu in order to perform Don't look back, "a journey through the rooms, corridors, hallways and stairwells of specially chosen sites inspired by the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice". The experience will be really intimate, for the audience only consists of 3 people, and the show was customized to fit the city hall, where the whole thing is going to take place. I can hardly wait to get there.

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