11 Apr 2007

crazy people

this weekend i watched and totally loved a 1990 movie called Crazy people. The movie is a comedy about advertising. A very insightful one, i think. Cause it speaks about honesty and common sense when thinking about and expressing a brand, rather than the regular overpromises and "shouting" that so much advertising still practices. And there's another great point in the movie: if we spend more time in the office, knowing the "people formerly known as the audience" only from research papers, and never actually from real life, and if we stay away from the actual interaction tht takes place between people and the brands we're trying to communicate, in the end we're very likely not to be able to find a single word expressing a powerful, honest approach. while a small bunch of crazy folks, who haven't been previously brainwashed by "boardroom meetings" and "advertising office hours" and hundreds of pages of research and all that are more likely to twist and turn a simple brand truth, maybe also use a relevant consumer insight and actually make a difference.

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