5 Apr 2007

APG Romania

i must admit i was really nervous before the planner meeting we had last night. very excited, but also nervous. cause i was not very sure about how things would turn out. But they turned out great. I think it was by far the most constructive meeting we've had until now, and it was also the meeting with most people showing up. And, with a little bit of luck and implication, we'll have a local APG running at the end of May.

Stefan proved to be a great moderator, while Razvan kept on answering all sorts of questions related to administrative and legal issues. Which helped us finish quite quickly with the logistics-related details. We're going to have to collect some money and Razvan has already set up a bank account where each of us can "supply funds" (i'll make sure the data reaches everyone present last night). And Razvan will also help us with other such formalities, while the social headquarters will be Bogdana's place. Since we agreed on the end of May being the deadline for the formal birth of the association, each person interested is supposed to read the status of APG London until our next meeting, when we will discuss how to adapt it.

We further shared some ideas about how this APG Romania is going to help local planning and planners - hopefully, we're going to have monthly meetings with an established agenda (planning-related topics, that is), we're going to share case studies, methods, presentations, create content and so on. In other words, i think it will be about getting to know each other and discuss and learn from each other. So we can even further organize breakthrough trainings, pompous events, creative planning awards, as well as set up an APGR fashion-wear line :)).

Until we get there however, i'm really glad people made it last night and i hope things work out as we planned :). Bogdana wrote about the meeting here, and, as she says, in case you're interested in becoming a member, just drop a word. And thanks to Razvan for helping us out with the location.


andreea said...

Hehe! Tot astia mici cu inititiva si buna organizare...:D

diana said...


Andrei said...

si intalnirile astea se doresc a fi un fel de "Die Hard"? adica partea 1, 2,3, apg revine, apg revine din nou, apg revine in forta...:)ok, ce vreau de fapt sa intreb este cand va fi urmatoarea intalnire, exista pe undeva un calendar, ceva?!

diana said...

joia, din doua in doua saptamani se intampla in general. Intalnirile sunt anuntate pe mailing list, si de blogul de intalniri/ blogul Bogdanei/ blogul meu.

if interested, da-mi un mail la diana dot ceausu at gmail dot com si iti trimit instiintari :)