18 Apr 2007

the first two weeks

the first two weeks in a new place are simply horrible for me. i wake up full of life, and i whistle happily on my way to work, cause i have that feeling of fresh challenge. but as soon as i get there, i get a sort of an "adapting fobia" - i'm almost terrified of opening my mouth in public, i feel numb and stupid, i make silly mistakes that make me hate myself, and, on the overall, i look at everything with awe, while i feel good for nothing. all i want is for the dreaful first two weeks to pass. If i had a little bit more talent, i'd probably draw what's going on, just like Gwen brilliantly does. But when i get home and think about the day, what turns up on my sketch notebook is more like in a Czech animation that i totally love - Maria Prochazkova's „Oreion“, where a little girl is trapped in bed, cause she's sick, and she looks at the world in a cute manner and develops a collage-diary. And the only constant thought that i get while playing with images and sticking them in notebooks is that i should simply blog more.
Image taken from this great site, found via Gavin.

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