11 Dec 2006

wonderful to hang out with wonderful people

Iain is right: "It’s nice when people you know start good blogs." Razvan has a brand new blog about which i found out yesterday. He's part of Oricum, a really amazing guy, and a sheer delight to hang out with. And while we were having coffee yesterday, i remembered a little nice quote from addicted to the hustle:
"I don't bother "networking" anymore, instead, I try to build relationships with people I find interesting, and who I think are doing interesting things. And I make it my mission to help them in any way I can to achieve their mission. I find this much more satisfying, much more honorable, and much more fun. And this is the cool thing about people....When you help them out in this way, they help you out. Not because it's a tit for tat deal, but because both parties are engaged in a mutually beneficial relationship that extends beyond the next favor."


Cosmin said...

yes, razvan has been secretly working on his blog for the last couple of weeks or so :)

i bet you like his blog because he writes in english, like you and alex do :))

diana said...

i've been told that - but even so, i heard you kinda ruined his secret plans, by popping up with your own blog :).

actually i like his blog because of the smiley ball - i had one myself and loved it and it even appeared in some prints we made, which were nominated at Golden Hammer :)))...

thanks for dropping by, anyway - i love your blog as well

Cosmin said...


let us not talk about the secret plans, somebody was misunderstood..

thanks for likin' my blog, but that was not the reason for which i posted the comment :P

anyway, all is well when ends well, right?

Gavin said...

One of the joys of blogging is reading but also sharing ... thanks for point these out Diana.

BTW ... I love the new energy and content on your site!

diana said...

hey, cosmin, i linked to your blog cause i enjoy reading it, not cause you were kind enough to comment :P.

Something Gavin wrote about some time ago inspired me to do so - he spoke about how much he likes his blogroll, and how attached he's become to it. And i realised how very attached i am myself to certain blogs, but what used to be my blogroll had become quite irrelevant to this - i simply had those blogs in my favourites. So i decided to take care of my blogroll a bit, and that's how you ended up there :)).

And, Gavin, thank you so much ! The new energy is given precisely by all of you wonderful people i can read daily, or talk to. Even last night i was at a Christmas party, where i met a bunch of great people who agreed to talk to me for the podcast.. And all that makes me want to share more and more stuff :)

Razvan said...

Thank you very much DIANA!