14 Dec 2006


i've been a fan of podcasts ever since i learnt about them, because i walk a lot, and it's great to listen to loads of ideas coming from smart people while walking on lonely dark streets. But i must admit i've always kinda took them for granted. Things have changed now that we're trying to get our own toy going. The more people agree to talk to us, the more concerned i am about getting the interview fairly ok. Do i worry too much, i wonder ?
In the mean time, i thought i'd ask people reading this (in case anybody is) which are the podcasts they listen to or prefer.
As far as i am concerned, I sometimes visit The Podcast Directory in order to find new inspiring podcasts. I was very happy when Podio was launched as the first Romanian podcast and wait anxiously for their every new episode. I am a great fan of American Copywriter, Paul Coleman podcasts, Russell Davies podcasts, 15 minutes of fame, Science on Guardian Unlimited, The Web 2.0 Show, Ted Talks, Digital Photography Tips From The Top Floor, BBC podcasts such as File on 4, From Our Own Correspondent, Front Row Interview, In Our Time, Radio 4 Choice, Woman's Hour Choice. I also love podcasts such as Woolster Collective podcasts and The Illustrative Desginer podcast. And the list could go on and on. Anybody else ?


Cosmin said...

Wow. The list is quite impressive. I should listen to some of them, they sound appealing. Never been a podcast super-fan, but hey, there's time for everything

diana said...

hey, maybe you become a super-fan of our own podcast :D

Sharon Sarmiento said...

Hi Diana! Thanks so much for sharing your list of your fave podcasts. I'll be sure to check those out.

I'm thinking about doing one of my own, and have been tooling around the directories trying to find some great ones to inspire me.

My favorite so far is done by Merlin Mann and is called 43 Folders http://www.43folders.com/podcast/. It's about productivity and life hacks.

I like that his are usually short and sweet (under 10inutes), irreverent, humor-filled, and informative. If you're into productivity you might want to check his out.

BTW--you and I are fellow Z-Listers on Gavin's blog (Servant of Chaos). That's how I found your wonderful site ;-).