6 Dec 2006

no more planner meetings, right ?

well, apparently i got excited too quickly about the great planning team i was supposed to be part of. Therefore, among my current dilemmas, there's also one connected to the planner meetings Bogdana and I started some time ago. They weren't supposed to be something like formal, organized meetings of strategists, they were simply supposed to be some pretexts for meeting for a cup of something and a talk. That's why, while Costin insisted it was too early to "release the concept of planner meetings", Bogdana and I were stubborn enough to consider that certain likeminds don't mind meeting with each other, and don't necessarily need something that organized in order to have a challenging and fruitful chat. We thought that planners like to exchange ideas and to meet people, so that's why we initiated the whole deal; and we'd gather for a talk anyway, so if anybody was willing to join us, the more enjoyable the talk. Problem is, i am apparently left all alone. So, i guess the whole deal is off. I really am sorry.


Andrei B. said...

Regarding the planners meetings I must disagree. Maybe we should concentrate more on making each meeting a success than on organizing them with a clockwork regularity.
Anyway, I`ll try to make it every time. That makes us at least 5 "hardcore attenders" (you, Bogdana, Alina, Miruna and me). I`d call that a start. So lighten up:)

diana said...

:) thanks, Andrei. it really means a lot !

Costin Radu said...

By not explaining everything, you make me look like the bad guy. Well, I'm not. :) You'll agree that I always said that I will support these meetings and that I'll also try to be there. But what I also said is that perhaps it is too early for these meetings (taking into account the number of planners, the previous meetings etc.). It is just a hypothesis. Not something that was meant to discourage having the meetings. Let's prove the hypothesis is wrong. But pls don't blame not having the meetings on me. I'm with you on this one. :)

Gavin Heaton said...

I have really enjoyed the meetings that we have had here in Sydney, and I think it is important to keep them going on a regular basis. However, we have opened ours to anyone who wants to attend ... which is great as planners need to consider diversity anyway.

We have had some great conversations and developed some great comraderie. Unfortunately work and life also get in the way from time to time, so I have missed some of the meetings. But I am there in spirit.

Cosmin said...

so, the conclusion is...?

diana said...

so - i've written this post when Bogdana told me she'd have to leave Bucharest and stay aside for some time. I was quite sure the meetings would go to waste, so i thought i'd call them off instead of trying to do them all by myself. It never crossed my mind that it might be your fault, Costin ! On the contrary, i am very grateful for all the support you have provided, and i am sorry if i left the impression that i might even think about blaming you !

And Gavin is also right, as usual.

Conclusion - we carry on :). And, Cosmin, feel free to come as well, we'd be delighted to have you or any of the Oricum guys with us.

Stefan Stroe said...

Diana, since Bogdana skipped Lowe and left Bucharest you can count on another senior planner attending this meetings.

Write me at stefan.stroe@ro.starcomworldwide.com whenever you wish our promiscuous community :) to get together.

I talked to Costin, I'll be there, only please announce it in due time so I can arrange my agenda.

By the way... it's great to see someone so involved in these meetings!