26 Nov 2006

part 2 - bran

Everybody's been to Bran - it's the castle each class of pupils is taken to during at least one trip. It's the sight where children are taken to by their parents during educational escapades. It's a place where you end up somehow - and everybody i talked to says you don't end up there just once. I have been there each year for some time now, and yet i hadn't noticed these colourful castle shutters.While this notice sign inside the castle reminded me of highschool times, when i was part of a theatre team, and we played S. Beckett's "All that fall". I was Maddy Rooney, and this was a line somewhere inside the play. Then, there was this adorable story-like small house:
And i had a traditional meal in Vila Bran :
Which sounded far better than this meal offer:

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Anonymous said...

vila bran... that gives me the shivers.