13 Nov 2006

nothing is boring by default

i was having this weird conversation last week with a creative who kept on claiming that some things/ products etc are simply "boring by default" and that's why he cannot come up with something too original or too creative for them. He gave me the example of movie credits, saying that nobody has the patience to watch movie credits, and that not even cute animations dancing on the screen on a cool, funny sountrack (Madagascar was mentioned) managed to turn credits into something interesting enough to keep people's attention alive. Which made me think about the opening credits for "Monty Python and the Holy Grail". Yes, they are opening credits, which means that you are more or less obliged to watch them, cause they are at the beginning, not the end of the movie. But still - I think they're funny, and they get you and keep you interested, and stir curiosity cause they develop a story of their own which gets you curious and makes you at least smile. Or, of course, it might be just me. But I really don't think anything is boring by default - it's all about finding a story.

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Gavin Heaton said...

You know, sometimes you can find something boring by default ... but that can just mean that what you are seeing is not targeted towards you. OR, as you more eloquently say, the person responsible has yet to find the right story to tell.

One of our most challenging roles is to discover the secret story that lies at the heart of our client's brands. No matter who they are.