2 Nov 2006

fakt 48: fakts still exist even if they are ignored

I guess there are times when everything seems to be going really, really bad, or at least really, really confusing - or simply really really bad and confusing. Like these days, for example. And yet there is a small thing which makes me feel instantly better, no matter how wrong things seem to be going.

Namely, watching Harvie Krumpet (yep, that's the link to the whole movie) - Adam Elliot's brilliant animated biography of an ordinary guy who is sort of pathologically cursed with bad luck. Plus, i adore Harvie's book of fakts - both for the concept, and for the clarity and simplicity of the slides :).


nenorocitu said...

This is really nice. In my complete ignorance I haven't herd of Harvie Krumpet before. He made my day... :P

diana said...

i'm really glad if u enjoyed it :)