3 Sep 2006

wandering around

yesterday i went to the cinema after a very long time. we went to Cinema Pro and saw "Margo", since Andrei was so willing to give yet another chance to Romanian movie-making and i was so willing to give Cinema Pro another chance. And they have this promo: if you buy two tickets, you get one for free. So we got one for free. So did a group of five other people. Since we didn't have what to do with them, we thought we might give the two spare tickets to the first two persons who come. Two persons came, we offered the tickets. Not only did they refuse to believe us and the promotional poster, but they refused our offer strongly, for fear we were trying to give them something which wouldn't have allowed them to get in. Maybe even get them into trouble. I'm still not sure it was paranoia, but such a lack of openess left a bitter taste. Aren't you even supposed to consider doing any good in this city anymore ?

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Sim said...

Unfortunately our education, due to the fact that our parents lived in a period dominated by communist thoughts, is not that "open" and sometimes we do not know how to react in certain situations. Maybe its's because they are afraid, maybe they just didn't trust or they are too proud.