28 Sep 2006

family tree

Marius gave me the link to Breathing Earth, a flash simulation which presents the carbon dioxide emission levels of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates. It reminded me about The Genographic Project developed by National Geographic and IBM, which is a five-year genetic anthropology study meant to "explore early human migration routes and describe the highlights along that journey", basically by analysing DNA samples. And which is one scientific project whose results i'm really dying to find out. Actually i was just thinking about it last week, when i saw yet another documentary about Ancient Egypt (about five years ago, i was more than fascinated by everything connected with egyptology) - this time, they were saying that DNA samples of contemporary egyptians were compared with DNA samples of ancient egyptians, in order to try and establish, once and for all, whether it was possible or not for the people who had built the pyramids to be aliens or something of the kind. Especially, since this latter supposition has kept on being claimed by all sorts of people. However, the result of the DNA comparison proved that aliens were quite out of questions among the pyramid workers, for the simple reason that the two types of DNA samples matched the very same population (actually, more than just this, it seems that the workers were quite surely free egyptians, not slaves, who came from all over the country to help raise the pyramids; anyway :D).


stutz said...

vezi ca ti'am dat leapsa

abredross said...

ce infricosator suna.. "ti-am dat leapsa"..

diana said...

ok - multumesc :)