25 Jun 2006

depeche mode & joaquin cortes

i damn know i should write more about planning and communication and stuff, but the thing is i cannot help considering planning (or, better said, being a planner, and i think i've said this before) as a form of lifestyle, rather than just a simple job. Therefore, no matter how small and stupid all these "serial thoughts" might seem, most of them really help me build-up an experience and some ideas in order to both understand my job better, and understand more about people in general (consumers, communication, interaction, social engagements, forms of expression, reactions, entertainment etc.). Cause i feel that the more i read about planning, the more i need to acknowledge every single bit of the surrounding reality (this post from Pink Air really got me thinking about stuff). Anyway.

I had a spectacular end of week, with two shows which left me at a loss of words. The first was, of course, Depeche Mode's concert. Many people who are far more entitled than i am to provide details about the show have already done it on their blogs. So i'm not going to write too much about it. After all, "words are very unnecessary", and i believe most of the ones attending this concert can confirm it. I've never been a true fan of the band, but shows like this can really twist one around. I was lucky to be there, to be part of that atmosphere, to see so many people waving, providing their very own lights shows, so many people who behaved as civilized as possible and so on. And another aspect i really loved was the sky, which was perfectly clear and full of stars, despite all the long discussions about raining for sure and not being allowed with umbrellas and all that. It was just great.
Next, on Saturday, the amazing flamenco performance from Joaquin Cortes, within the JTI gatherings. Judging by the presentation read before the show started, i expected "Mi soledad" to be intensely dramatic, and to express the intimate melancholy of loneliness and introspection. Truth is, during the show i had the feeling that its intensity expresses an amazing power to live and enjoy life, to make the most of every single moment and to look for every detail in life which supports this enourmous desire to be on top of everything that's weak or might shadow the passion. A perfect combination of music and dance, of rhytm and passion, of jazz, classical music and flamenco, "Mi soledad" managed to make the thrilled audience repeatedly stand up to applause during the show, turning those two hours into yet another marvellous experience.
ps: and, as a small note, i went to "Capote" and to the Dutch Installation Art at MNAC on Sunday, and loved them both as well :D.


Rob Mortimer said...

Gah. Depeche Mode!
I still havent got to see them yet...

diana said...

they're really worthy, i'm sure you'd enjoy their show :)

claudinho said...

I would have loved to see Joaquin dance! The passion, the zest for life!

diana said...

yes, it was absolutely spectacular !
well, if there are any more shows like this and you'rewilling to come watch them, i can buy you tickets in advance. i'm not sure this is helpful in any way, but just in case :)