22 May 2006

on cartoons

you might be interested in this or not, but the thing is that i always got most of my inspiration from cartoons. i still do. it's almost impossible for me not to associate all sorts of situations or even the ideas of my fellows from the creative department with cartoon episodes. The connections come on the spot. Yesterday, before coming to work, i watched several "Lolek&Bolek" episodes, which were really cool, but the even cooler part was that before these episodes started, they played some old Romanian Bob Calinescu animations, which i adored. The result is that i started to develop some interest in Romanian animation and its state. Hopefully, i'll be able to find or download as many old goodies of the sort as possible.
Until then, here are some foreign offensive banned cartoons of the 30s and 40s. as well as some World War II Era Cartoons.

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Rrramone said...

This is excellent. I grew up drawing Snoopy and that is how I began to really get into art. Love your blog. :-)