3 May 2006

from circus to organ

since apparently there are some people actually wasting their time by reading my nonsense, i will not expand my Saturday circus experience too much. The thing is that i love circus, mostly due to Cirque du Soleil, whose shows i could watch over and over and over again, but i haven't actually been to the circus here for a while now. And since the Chinese Circus show was canceled several weeks ago, which lead to my utter disappointemnt and rage, i thought i could give our very much local circus a chance.
The performance was a selection of their best acts and was quite entertaining (of course, i am not comparing it with CdS shows), part because of the show itself, part because of the lovely reactions from children (and since i'm currently working on a diapers account, that came as a real bless).
Two things to mention:
1. i am totally sick and tired of the "no pictures" thing. Why in the name of God can't i take pictures of anything i want anytime i want? The show was psychedelic enough for the performers not to get distracted by some camera or, even better, by some mobile phone. I cannot take pics when i'm in the mall and i see cute drawings, i cannot take pics during almost any show, and this is really starting to get to me. It pisses me off.
2. they play commercials as well. Before the show, and during the break, ads were projected on the two big screens. Which made me think that i might actually go to the theatre soon and discover that during the break, the actors in the play interpret some commercials. Or something of the kind.
And, since i had to mark this as well, from the circus i went straight to the Atheneum, where the organ fanatic in me was absolutely delighted to watch and listen Philippe Verkaeren perform. Especially since the program included some of my favourite works from Franck, and listening to them live was just like a dream came true.

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