5 Feb 2007

thank you, russell

Russell's bitter post made everybody who realizes what this man has done for planners reflect upon things and react. Personally, i was at a loss of words. It was reading his blog that i found the courage to switch from copywriting to account planning in the first place. Books, links, advice, an entire community of passionate, helping people - it was all there, and it was more than i could ask as a junior planner in an agency where they had no planners before, in a country where at the time, the word "planner" still sounded weird. Then, his coffee mornings were the starting point for Romanian planners meetings, where i could meet some great people, listen to their opinions, and ask for their advice. Needless to say how much that meant to me. Russell's blog is the first thing i read each morning, and I don't even want to imagine that the wit and insight of his every post could simply stop, just cause some dude managed to hurt Russell's feelings. And what came into my mind when i was thinking about supporting Russell in some way, as well as illustrating what exactly his blog meant to me is a brilliant animation from 1984, developed by Brothers Quay as a tribute to Jan Svankmajer. Enjoy The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer:

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