27 Feb 2007

branding trivia

while we're having our own piece of sad fun with the latest hit in the branding Romania series - the ''Romania - Fabulospirit'' slogan (by the way, i am still having trouble understanding the word - i am thinking about writing a post analysing its possible deep meanings like we used to do back in school, when we were given metaphors and asked to comment upon them), apparently Canadians are having their bit of nation fun as well.

An article i read in last week's edition of The Economist talked (mocked, actually) a bit about Canada's Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper's wild suggestion that the national image was best captured by a wolverine (part of the weasel family, not the comics character). Apparently this caused quite some controversy. Not that the explanation behind this -"Canada is no mouse beside the American elephant, but a wolverine next to a grizzly bear"- couldn't be valid, but "skunk bears", "nasty cats" and even "gluttons" also seem to be describing wolverines perfectly. More on the story can be read in many places.

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