8 Jan 2007

5 things you may not have known about me

i kinda got tagged by Bogdana. And now i have to comply and reveal my darkest secrets.

1. i have studied logics&philosophy very intensely and i was sure i'd become a philosophy teacher or something of the kind. i even graduated the Center of Excellence in Philosophy (where i also started studying old greek) and was accepted by The Philosophy Faculty, University of Bucharest, which i dropped after only a few months, out of extreme disappointment. My parents would have liked me to study physics.

2. i used to be absolutely fascinated by egiptology and i learnt a lot about hieroglyphs.

3. i was part of a theater group called "Personae" and we played lots of Beckett. God, i miss those times !

4. i absolutely, completely, totally hate being photographed.

5. i am a vegetarian.
Further tags (i hope you guys haven't already answered this): Cosmin, Razvan, Stefan.


Razvan said...

I got tagged...and I responded!



diana said...

thanks, Razvan !