1 Aug 2006

a second chance

i had a very nice (let's call it) "brand experience" yesterday with Cinema Pro and it got me excited enough to write about it. The thing is Cinema Pro used to be my second favourite cinema after Multiplex, but i had stopped going there because the staff was nasty several times, and i pretty much resent that. I mean i am aware of the fact that the ones selling tickets can't always smile, can't even treat you nicely all the time (although i frankly see no reason why they don't, especially since i'm absolutely always trying to be nice with people, but we're human, and i understand bad days in anybody), but i go to the cinema extremely frequently, and i had bad luck with the treatment each time during the last months, so i decided to stick to Multiplex (of course, except for Eforie, Union and Elvira Popescu - which are for other kinds of movies :) ).
However, yesterday i visited Cinema Pro's website to discover that they also have one of those regular movie-invitation tickets. Which they offer to those who complete a feed-back questionnaire and fill in an empty box with the most interesting "observations, likes/dislikes, suggestiones". Curious to see whether they actually give a damn about people writing to them, i filled in the questionnaire, complaining about the staff, but also appreciating their seeming so open. I received a very nice reply several hours later (and the two free tiockets :D), from somebody who had read for sure what i had written, and seemed willing enough to find out more details about my bad experiences. Maybe i get excited too easily, but this made me feel that my opinion actually matters. The whole idea of having their little contest organized this way seemed really smart and engaging to me. Like they actually give a damn about me being there, in their cinema, having the best experience, which is not something too common in this city. And i think that they could actually get some really cool feedback and ideas, which they might implement and which would surely show the personal touch of the people who came into contact with their cinema. All in all, it was pleasant, and i am now very willing to give them a second chance (to see how much they take into account those words, i guess :)) ).

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Gavin Heaton said...

Great story about turning a customer relationship around! Shows the power of personal contact ... and about how you can use the web to give your customers a voice and a reason to come back. Hope you enjoy the movie!