9 Jul 2006

summer weekends

either my passion for old movies and vintage stuff got me bonkers, or i'm actually evolving like a Paul Auster character, but i've been thinking about my weekends this summer and i decided i could use them in order to learn a great deal more about this country and its habits. after all, i should be really familiar with all types of "consumers", right? so i intend to use my weekends in order to meet or listen to or look at people and habits outside Bucharest. and also learn some stuff, if i'm gonna be away anyway. So the deal will be like this: i got myself a detailed map of Romania, i am a great fan of darts, so each weekend i'm gonna throw a dart on the map, and go to the place it indicates. By train, of course (i adore train bonding most of the time, it gives you the chance to find out so many things about a person). And make the most of the visit.
next week, i will be heading to Recas Wine Cellars, where i want to find out more about the entire process of wine-making and storing, about the technology behind, about tradition and tasting and so on. And i will have a very interesting guide for Timisoara and the surroundings.
until i come up with further details, i must say this adds to other random stuff i do in order to cultivate my curiosity, such as going to the bookshop ever two weeks in order to get and read the book with the title and/or cover i find the most peculiar or the most unrelated with what i usually read or do.


Woland said...

Recas makes a fine Pinot Noir as far as i remember. the rest of that night is foggy :)

interesting blog, i'll be coming back. i'll also add you to my blogroll if you don't mind.

diana said...

i've been trying many of their wines and liked them all and i hope the visit will be interesting.

and as for the blogroll, i could only thank you, of course i wouldn't mind :).

RACHID said...

if your dart hits Sofia or Lebanon:) just tell me.
nice blog & spirit. ciao. Rachid