9 Jul 2006

first flight

last Monday i attended the first gathering of romanian planners, basically organized and supported by John Griffiths with free drinks. i don't know how much it meant for the others, but it meant an awful lot for me, because having around so many great planners i can talk to or just listen to is the thing i long for the most. therefore, despite damaging health problems and personal problems and sleeping problems and many other problems which kept me quite grumpy and stranded, i enjoyed the evening quite a lot and left in a rather inspiring mood. however, the following week i found myself in the same frustrating position of not having basically anybody to share the new planning thoughts and ideas with (i'm talking about implementation matters mostly).
Anyway, John was really open and cheerful, and following his vaguely outrageous ignorance as far as stamps are concerned, he received his very own stamp as a gift from the Burnetts, which he appreciated enough to stamp himself on the forehead (my pics turned out absolutely dreadful, i am getting worse and worse at this). Apparently, John doesn't entirely disregard junior planners :), but he does however think that if you're extremely young and a planner, you didn't have the time to go though all the nasty jobs in the agency, which means you didn't have time to end up hating the nastiness of all other positions, in order to fully appreciate how lucky you are to be a planner. We also talked about bringing "Mozart" here again (that would be Russell, of course), and hopefully John will also return for the rest of the course, because i must admit curiosity is driving me absolutely crazy, after catching some phrazes and some records about what he has further talked about with the guys at Leo and those at Sister. Oh, and in case you're reading, Costin, i'm terribly glad i could finally meet you in person, with and without your JeremyWright cap :).


Kit said...

Fuckin' boring

diana said...

my post or the meeting ?