3 Oct 2008

my new status

The more days go by, the more convinced I get that I am increasingly fascinated and intrigued by everything connected to people. So it isn’t surprising that I became pretty much addicted to attending all sorts of interesting seminars held within Fundatia Calea Victoriei. It's been an amazingly eyes-opening experience: i gained a completely new perspective on our country and its inhabitans. a perspective i'd never gain, no matter how many advertising researches i'd carry out.

one of the workshops, however, had a particular impact on me. it was an ethnography workshop, introducing some general aspects of traditional life and culture. my mind made a lot of connections, some of my old passionate interests reactivated, and i decided i wanted to dig further on.

So, starting this October, i also am a student in Ethnology (University of Bucharest), as well as hopefully involved in other related stuff. I have no idea where this new thing will take me, but it surely seems like an interesting and challenging path. Especially since the professors that I’ve met so far seem really passionate about sharing their expertise, as well as to listening to our ideas.

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Andy said...

Nu te baza prea tare pe profesori, si nu lua de bun tot ceea ce ti se "da" :-) dig for yourself, daca chiar te intereseaza, joaca-te si cu antropologia pe de-o parte si cu psiho-sociologia pe de alta.

Dpdv antropologic s-ar putea sa gasesti niste chestii chiar misto si cel mai probabil interesante. Din punct de vedere psiho-social ... ori o sa enervezi / capeti frustrari ori o sa te amuzi de ... well .. o sa vezi singura :-D