16 Jan 2008

yesterday's bads

sometimes you just don't do as much good as you'd want to with all your heart, but you do harm pretty much against your will.

Other bads:
  • people who talk about what "the consumer" thinks and wants, although the only thing they ever do in order to find that out is to read the ppt developed by the research agency.
  • people who think that "the consumers" are a sort of weird creatures kept in bottles, and not human beings who are blatantly similar to them.
  • non-bloggers who are afraid of bloggers, because they never had the curiosity to at lest try to understand how the latter work
  • people who still ask if publishing something a post on a public blog means making that something public and available for everybody (?!?)
  • people who don't want to listen to any complaint about the brand they manage
  • people who don't understand what teamwork means and how that functions (by the way, it's very easy to spot people who've never done any competitive sport in their life from)
  • continuous lack of sleep

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