9 Dec 2007

Rozalb de Mura, one place to keep on coming back to

in my ideal world, stores (or at least fashion stores) are pretty much like this one.
They have a very strong personality, one that's actually different from the others on the market. They have an amazing atmosphere, one that invites you to stick around, look at each item and experience how each of them would suit you. They have a story; preferably, one that has different twists with each new season. They always surprise you with something new - they seem familiar, without ever looking the same.
And, yes, they have owners that give the impression they've known you forever and kindly talk to you and explain the context of each interior design piece they've build up, of each detail in the history of the store. Owners that are very open to every new idea or suggestion. And that have various artsy backgrounds. It doesn't take much to develop such stores: most of the time, a touch of passion will do, cause imagination and originality often beat huge budgets.


mahret said...

I've never been to the store. Hope I will visit it one day. I got to know rozalb de mura during berlin fashion week this january...

rochii de vara said...

first time hearing about it. i'll make sure to go there next time i go shopping.