11 Jul 2007

APG meeting - things starting to roll

As you might know, our APG Romania had a voting session last week, and the result is a short-term board. Let's talk about this board's starting objectives, as well as the first steps that our APG should follow on Thursday, at 8 pm, in Codecs.

Everybody is welcome to share ideas, suggestions, expectations from the APG and so on - the more ideas we discuss, the better chances we have to turn this into something useful for everybody. So, what do you think ?

Precise location - Codecs, 37-39 Agricultori street, room 104 (very close to PRO TV)

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Loredana Niculae said...

What is the deal with APG Romania? Does it already exist? I read some press release on it, and than I could not get a hold of them. Who are they, where are they :)
Is it realy strategy planners? I only saw advertising people which is not quite the core of strategy planning...
Thanks in advance for aking the time to share some thoughts with me on this.